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St. Andrew Ministries

From teens to our seniors, there is a place for you... even if you are just interested in only attending our services.  Come and see that the Lord is Good!

Christian Crusaders Ministry

(SALC Youth Ministry)

Purpose: The Christian Crusaders engage middle and high school students in a variety of enjoyable activities, including sports, games, food, and both formal and informal teachings about Jesus Christ.


Schedule: The Christian Crusaders convene every Wednesday from 6:00 to 9:00 pm in the Youth Center.


Contact Information: The Christian Crusaders Director is Maya Pinhassian.



Phone: Contact the Church Office at (772) 878-0954 or call Maya directly at (818) 447-9078.

Children's Sunday School and
Vacation Bible School Ministry

Purpose: "Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old, they will not turn from it." Prov. 22:6 The Sunday School and Vacation Bible School serve the Lord Jesus Christ by imparting the truths of His Word and preparing children for life in this world and in heaven. We introduce our children to Jesus and the Bible during their early years.


Schedule: Sunday School meets weekly during the 9:00 am Sunday service. Contact the Church Office for Vacation Bible School dates at (772) 878-0954.


Contact Information: The Sunday School Superintendent is Heidi Zoll.


Phone: Call the Church Office at (772) 878-0954.

Adult  Sunday School Ministry

More information to come.

Schedule: The Adult Sunday School convenes every Sunday in the Conference Room between the 9:00 am and 11:00 am services.

Music Ministry

Few things stir within us a greater sense than does beautiful music.  It has the power to awaken our senses, stimulate our intellect, and break our hearts.  Both in our worship life and in other arenas of our life together, we recognize the power of music to do something to us. We have several opportunities to share our musical gifts.

Traditional Choir:  

Our Traditional choir is an ensemble of singers who share the  sacred classic anthems of the church along with contemporary anthems of the day. You are welcome to join us. The ability to read music is not required. Special practice CDs/ mp3 digital files are available for your part upon request. The choir sings on alternate Sundays at "non-communion" service ( 11am ).  Regular weekly rehearsals are held Thursday evenings. Join us 6pm-7pm in the sanctuary. Rehearsal dress is casual. We wear robes for regular Sundays.  For more information on joining the choir contact Bill Dake , music director & organist.

Grief Share Ministry

Purpose: The Grief Share Ministry extends support to those who have lost a loved one and brings them to Christ through prayer, study, and love. Grief Share involves a 13-week seminar series. Church members, staff, volunteers, and community members are all welcome.


Schedule: Grief Share is typically held on Saturday mornings in the Conference Room. Contact the Church Office for exact dates and times at (772) 878-0954.


Contact Information: The Grief Share Minister is Dianne Maxam.


Phone: Call the Church Office at (772) 878-0954

Altar Guild

Purpose: The Altar Guild serves our Lord and congregation by preparing our worship space for the gathering of God’s family. Our mission is to ensure that our worship space is in good order, both to glorify God and to provide a setting that helps our congregation to worship.


Schedule: The Altar Guild does not hold regularly scheduled meetings.


Contact Information: The Altar Guild lead volunteer is Sandra Tuttle.


Phone: Call the Church Office at (772) 878-0954.

Brown Bag Ministry

Purpose: Our Mission is to welcome and feed those in our community who are struggling financially and need a nutritious meal. We prepare sandwiches which are delivered to those who need them by Sara’s Kitchen.


Schedule: Brown Bag volunteers meet on Wednesday evenings at 5:00 pm. We are always looking for volunteers.


Contact Information: The Brown Bag Ministry is led by volunteer Francine Hunt.


Phone: Call the Church Office at (772) 878-0954.

Men’s Prayer Group Ministry

Purpose: The purpose of the Men’s Prayer Group is to encourage and support the male members and male friends of our congregation as they continue in communion with the Church and to serve Jesus Christ. We often perform volunteer service for other ministries or church activities.


Schedule: Men’s Prayer Grip volunteers meet on Saturday mornings at 8:00 am in the sanctuary.


Contact Information: The Men’s Prayer Group is led by volunteer Charles Taylor.


Phone: Call the Church Office at (772) 878-0954.

St. Andrew Women’s Ministry

Purpose: The St. Andrew Women’s Ministry is community of women who gather in congregations across the United States and the Caribbean to grow in faith and live their faith through ministry and action. At St. Andrew, our mission is: To mobilize women to act boldly on their faith in Jesus Christ. Women of all ages are welcome to participate in all our activities. 


Schedule: The St. Andrew Women’s Ministry meets at 12:00 noon for a luncheon and program on the second Tuesday of each month.


Contact Information:

Clare Maschek, President         772.834.7276

Cindy Gonce, Vice President    772.242.8087

Donna Heishman, Secretary      772.207.5042

Io Schug, Treasurer                    414.313.3289

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