As one family in Christ, we seek to use our gifts to share the Good News and to serve the needs of all people in God's creation.




To share the love of God.




  • To reflect Biblical principles as a community of Faith and attract others to Christ's love.

  • To grow passionate followers of Jesus

  • To share the love of God with our community and world by using our God-given gifts to serve others.



  • That the Bible is the Word of God and is authoritative in all matters of faith and doctrine.

  • That God is the creator of all that exists

  • That Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, is both true God and true man and that He died for the forgiveness of our sins and He was raised to give us new life.

  • In the person, presence, and power of the Holy Spirit and that without His gifts, we cannot live the life of faith.

  • That our salvation (eternal security) is the result of God's gracious love and forgiveness which we received and appropriate by faith, a gift of the Holy Spirit.

  • That to be a Christian is possible only by the grace (gift) of God; and to be Christ-like, we must love God and our neighbor as ourselves.

  • That the Christian is in the world to share God's love and serve our humanity.